For the majority of Q&A Sessions there will be a microphone available for the audience to ask questions directly to the Actor.

Can I bring food or drink into the main hall?

Please do not bring glass into the Main Hall during the day. Snacks and drinks are allowed, but please, no three course meals. We also ask you please tidy your rubbish away after you.

Due to restrictions from the venues, any alcohol must be purchased from the hotel bar. You cannot bring your own alcohol in to the event!

Do the Actors come to the parties?

The guests are free to attend the parties if they wish, and as BG Reunion is such a relaxed environment it is quite common for some of the Actors to show up at the parties.

If the Actors do decide to come to the party in the evenings, please respect that they are there to relax and enjoy themselves too. Please do not ask for autographs/photos or try to take photos of them during this time. Respect their personal space just like you would anyone else.

Is there reserved seating in the main hall?

During the Q&A Sessions the first few rows of seats are reserved for Platinum and Gold Ticket holders. 

With prior arrangement we can also set aside space for wheelchair users and other attendees with mobility issues. Please view our accessibility page for more information on how to request this.

There will also be reserved seating in the Opening and Closing Ceremonies for Platinum and Gold Ticket holders – look out for the signs on the tables.

Seating for Regular Ticket holders is first come, first served.

Please do not leave coats or bags ‘holding’ your seat if you are leaving the hall (unless you’re going to the toilet) – any unattended bags or items may be removed for security purposes.

What are the parties?

These events aren’t just about seeing the actors and getting photos and autographs. We try to create a dynamic social environment for fans to get to know each other, so on each night of the event we’ll be holding a party for you to let your hair down, have some fun, and party with other fans.

What is the Q&A sessions?

Saturday will give you the opportunity to ask questions you’ve always wanted, live and in person!

When are the Q&A sessions?

Q&A Sessions usually take place on Saturday, beginning around lunchtime. The exact time will be shown on the schedule you receive at Registration,

When is the opening ceremony?

The Opening Ceremony will be on Friday evening. The approximate time will be confirmed at the event, but it won’t be earlier than 7pm. 

All Actors who are at the event will attend the Opening Ceremony.

When is the closing ceremony?

The Closing Ceremony will be on Saturday evening. The approximate time will be confirmed at the event.

All Actors who are at the event can attend the Closing Ceremony.