COVID Policy

BGReunion 3 COVID Policy

Rest assured that the health and safety of all the attendees, guests and staff is of upmost importance to us.

We are asking all attendees to do a lateral flow test before attending. These should be done the day you travel or the morning of the event. You can order yours free from the NHS: If your test is positive, book in for a PCR immediately and please do not attend our event. We will have a small number of lateral flow tests at the event for international guests who don’t have access to our NHS.

If your lateral flow comes back negative, we would like to advise you of the following guidelines for BGR3:

  • We are asking all attendees to wear a face covering whilst in the convention areas, however this is not mandatory. We appreciate that not all attendees may be able to wear face masks for health reasons but if you can then we request that you do, out of respect for the rest of the attendees. Face coverings must cover both the mouth and nose. Attendees will not be required to wear a mask when having their photo ops with an Actor.
  • We will have hand sanitiser stations across the venue, and would ask attendees to make regular use of them. If you suffer from any skin allergies then please bring you own hand sanitiser with you to the event.
  • Sadly due to covid, this year will not be the ‘Hug Fest’ of previous years. We know everyone loves the personal interaction they get from the Actors, but please respect their personal space. This is also extended to other attendees – please ask before assuming they want a hug from you. 

These guideline are to help the event run as smoothly as possible but also to maintain your safety and the safety of others. We understand you want to have the best experience possible and our aim is to get this balance right. Ultimately everyone as to take responsibility for their own safety.

We want to reach out and give a heartfelt ‘Thank you’ for your support to make this event happen.

Let’s make BGR3 the best one yet!!