CAMERA and PHONE policy

Can I use my phone?

Mobile phones are allowed in the Main Hall as long as they are on silent or in flight mode. Please be discreet when using your phone so it doesn’t distract the Actors or attendees around you. 

Mobile phones must be either on flight mode or on silent when in the Main Hall, Meet & Greet, Photo Sessions or Autograph Sessions.

Flash photography is allowed during the Q&A sessions for the first five minutes. After that, photography is still allowed, but without flash only. 

Photographs are permitted of the Actors when they are on stage.

Photographs are not permitted in the Photo Session, Autograph Sessions or Meet & Greet. 

Cameras are allowed into the evening parties but please be respectful of the privacy of other attendees whilst at the parties. 

Some of the Actors have put it in their contracts that they do not want people to video the event, and as a result we will not be allowing video recording to take place anywhere the guests are.

This includes Q&As, Photo Session, Autograph Sessions, and Meet & Greet. 

The event and all Q&A sessions are copyright of BG Reunion. Any attempt to video the event is illegal and a breach of copyright. Any attendees caught videoing the Q&A sessions will be asked to leave the event without refund.

Will I be on video or in photos?

BG Reunion do photograph and video aspects of the event. By purchasing anything on our website you give your explicit permission to have any photos or videos taken at the event to be saved by BG Reunion and published on our website or social media accounts. The event and all Q&A sessions are copyright to BG Reunion.