Am I guaranteed to get all autographs?

Autograph Sessions take place on Saturday, please make you way to the Gate Room at the scheduled time and listen out for your ticket number being called out.

We fully understand how important it is for all our attendees to get an autograph, and we will do our best to make sure that you do, however we cannot guarantee this if exceptional circumstances arise, for example an Actor becoming ill.

Can I take photos/ selfies?

No! Our Actors only have a couple of hours each day in the Autograph Sessions, and we want to make sure no one misses out, so we can’t use up any extra time by allowing photos or selfies.

If you want your photo taken with an Actor, we have dedicated Photo Sessions.

How much are Autographs

Each attendee is allowed one personal item to be signed by an Actor as part of their ticket price.

Additional Autographs
We will have a selection of 10×8 photos of the Actors available to be purchased for additional autographs, as well as vouchers (known as Badgers) to get extra personal items signed. Usually you may buy up to four additional autographs per Actor, in the form of either 10×8 photos or Badgers. 

The usually range is from £10 upwards per Actor. Exact prices will be in the schedule given to you when you arrive at Registration.

I can’t make the event, can I get an autograph posted to me?

Sorry, we can not offer any sort of autograph ordering service.

What are autograph sessions?

The Autograph Sessions allow attendees the opportunity to get a personal item signed by each of the Actors in person and any additional 10×8 photos purchased.

What is an Autograph card?

Autograph Cards are given out for most events and this is what tells our staff which Actor you have already seen in the Autograph Session.

If you are given an Autograph Card this will be ticked off for each Actor once you have obtained their autograph. Do not lose this card as it cannot be replaced, and without it you will not be able to get any autographs.

When is the autographs session?

The Autograph Sessions will take place on the Saturday afternoons. Details will be in the schedule you are given when you arrive at Event Registration. 

Attendees will be called up by their badge number, starting with Platinum Tickets, then Gold Ticket holders, followed by Regular Ticket holders.